Local Job Vacancies

When you become unemployed probably the first thing you want to do is find out if there are any local job vacancies available but most of us are not aware of the best place to look for them. However, there is a Local Job Network available to look at which regularly updates its listings for many of the job vacancies, by area. These listings are maintained by a branch within the Department of Labor and that branch is the OFCCP, otherwise known as the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs.

The specific task of this office is not to help the unemployed but as it is in a unique position to do so, it does and it helps in two ways. First, as mentioned, it maintains up to date listings for many of the job vacancies arising in any given area. Secondly, it publishes advice which should help the unemployed to better manage until they find a new job.

Although the Federal Government is already the largest employer in the country, there are still many jobs which cannot be carried out by government employees and so they also contract out many tasks to a wide variety of companies. Government contracts are often well paying and regular and so most companies will hope to receive a government contract as often as possible. However, in order for a company to secure a government contract, they must comply with government policies, one of which is to follow a policy of nondiscrimination when looking for or hiring new employees.

It is the primary task of the OFCCP to ensure that any company applying for a government contract is qualified to do so and also that the companies continue to comply with government policies whilst they are carrying out any contract. This obviously means that the OFCCP must monitor all of these companies to see that when they have any job vacancies, they advertise them and fill them in a nondiscriminatory manner.

A lot of job vacancies, therefore, come to the attention of the OFCCP on a continuous basis. This puts the OFCCP in a unique position to be able to compile lists of all new job vacancies as they arise, which is what they do. The office not only compiles these lists but it also compiles them by specific areas allowing the unemployed in each area to quickly and easily see what vacancies are available, in their area, to apply for. This not only affords someone who is unemployed to apply for a suitable job vacancy as soon as possible but also allows them to do so with confidence that their application will be treated in a nondiscriminatory manner, giving them as equal a chance of being successful as anyone else.

Regardless of knowing where vacancies exist, some people still will not find suitable employment right away and so for this reason, the OFCCP also provides helpful tips on how someone who is unemployed can best cope until they do have an application accepted.